Patio Area Finished

📆 18 Apr, 2024
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G & H's Annual Visit

📆 31 Mar, 2024

Garth and Helena end their annual visit in a couple of days when they fly back to Canada. We packed a lot in, two big cycles one with Sara Wager which was a great day on the bikes and a great Indian meal at the end.

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Millars Gran Fondo Medio

📆 10 Mar, 2024

Millars Gran Fondo MedioMillars Gran Fondo Medio

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Fire Rages in Real

📆 05 Mar, 2024

Fire near RealFire near Real

Woodys Big Loss

📆 29 Feb, 2024

Woody had a big trip to the vet and left without his balls.

New Month New Year New Problems

📆 31 Jan, 2024

After charging our old lead acid batteries, I rebooted the inverter only for it to fail, so no electricity. Mario was good enough to come over after work and told us the bad news, we need a new inverter €1500.00 later and an inverter was ordered. New Panels in situNew Panels in situ

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Cyclocross Benidorm WC

📆 21 Jan, 2024

Cyclocross WC BenidormCyclocross WC Benidorm

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New Bike

📆 11 Jan, 2024

Giant Revolt 1Giant Revolt 1 Shakedown ride


📆 16 Dec, 2023

Woody Ever HelpfulWoody Ever Helpful

We bought some matting which prevents erosion from and layed it around the decking with the intention of filling it with stones and leaving it, however it seems to provide a good stable surface so we are going to lay paving slabs on top.

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Valencia Marathon Expo

📆 01 Dec, 2023

Garth was over for a short break, and to do some work on the Valencia Marathon with the hope of running a tour next year. I think his couple of days in Valencia where successful, he went to the expo, ran in the fun run on Saturday and watched the race start on Sunday.

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