Getting Over January

🏷 diary

Once again January seems to be very long, not helped this year by the poor weather. Every other day it either raining, blowing a gale, freezing or a mix of all three. In spite of the weather I have managed to better last years Jan mileage so not all bad.

We had to leave the car in to get an oil leek fixed, but I managed to offset this expense by fixing the heating myself.

{{ more }} Marty asked me if I would go Mountain Biking with him and Andy to Castlewellan Forest Park, but I declined as my bike need a lot of work, so I ordered the parts from CRC and got it on the road again, good job to as the weather has been crap so I have use of twice now, once with just Flo and then Flo and Denise.

Our heating has been loosing water for quite some time now so we fitted a new Expansion Vessel to the heating system , it looks a bit strange sitting above the boiler but that is the only place for it. Took a long time to bleed the system this time and the pump was full of air. After running the heating for a while the pressure valve is no longer activating and the pressure is normal.

Need to top the system quite a lot today (10-01-2015), but this was the longest it had been off since yesterday so the pressure dropped to zero. Some minor leeks to look out for, one at the elbow on the vessel pipe and one on the rad in the front room at the window. Turned on the heating about 22:00 and all seemed ok Radiatiors got very hot, need to work on the flow control