December Round Up

🏷 spain

Once G&H left the weather broke and the rain started and continued for 4 days.

John Preston was out for the week and we all went to the Chinese and he told us of his plans for the house in Altury which are sell it.

The weather for most of December has been quite poor very windy and quite cool. Not a lot of cycling, but I achieved a lot on the computer moved Seely Street site to github and netlify, found out about DNS and MX records. Setup sub domains for Flo and I.

On St Paddy’s day we looked at a wooden house about 2 miles from Naama’s but did nothing about it. On reflection we decided to view the house which we have now done, and it meets are requirements. On the 27th we meet with the agent for an idea of costs etc. Looks like we will view again in the new year and if all ok make an offer.

Christmas day, Amanda and Charlott invited us over for lunch. We had a pleasant afternoon except for Lotti.

We have decided to see the New Year in, in Montanejos and where lucky enough to get lunch in La Taberna.