Slowing Down A Bit

🏷 spain casita

August and things are starting to slow down somewhat, all our major projects have been completed and we are starting the process of finishing things off as much as we can.

On thing which has tripped us up constantly has been the Uralite, which was finally removed on 18th. Then the frantic search for a builder began Alejandro fitted the bill and with a bit of coercion started on Sat 29th. As soon as he left the thunderstorm arrived torrential rain was soon dripping through the ceiling leading to buckets all over the house. Once the rain stopped Flo and I went onto the roof and mopped up the puddles before they could cause more damage. Alejandro returned on Sunday and complete the prep work necessary to install the profiles and Sandwich Panels

We did manage a couple of nights out one over to Amanda and Charlotte for a pizza witch turned out to be a good evening even Lotti had a ball.

Finca el Porton on the first Saturday of the month with Amanda, Charlotte, Sara and Steve. Loads of nice food and a good band, and some new conversation.