Christmas Dog Sitters

🏷 christmas spain

Well December arrived rather quickly, one minute the year was ticking along and the next thing Fo was talking Christmas. I think this was partly due to Flo going home at the start of the month to catchup with family and friends.

Flo overlooking the CavesFlo overlooking the Caves

Caves near BunolCaves near Bunol

When Flo got back we serviced the generator and moved it to let the exhaust vent better.

On the 20th we took a trip to Valencia and Flo’s favourite Central market, they installed a new nativity display which was quite big and rather good.

To day 22nd we moved into Mairo and Sherleys to dog sit over the Christmas period. The dogs are no problem and the house has a lovely location, we cycled back home a couple of times and resealed the Kitchen worktops.

Christmas day and the Finca el Porton with Frances and Billy nice day but food only ok.

Couple of nice cycles from Mario’s weather over Christmas was exceptional