New Month New Year New Problems

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After charging our old lead acid batteries, I rebooted the inverter only for it to fail, so no electricity. Mario was good enough to come over after work and told us the bad news, we need a new inverter €1500.00 later and an inverter was ordered. New Panels in situNew Panels in situ

Mario install the new SAJ Inverter but there was a problem with the bmi cable so the batteries where not getting fully charged. New cable sorted that problem, only to fine that the generator will not work with the inverter still waiting for a part to fix this issue.

We then ordered two new solar panels to charge the batteries faster, made our own structure for the panels got them on to the roof, to find they don’t work. Mario explained we needed a third to provide enough power for the inverter. So another panel was sourced and put on to patio roof, still didn’t work, after some cursing and head scratching I changed the cables from the fuse to the inverter and hey presto it worked. Just need the generator attachment finish everything off.

New Panel Ready for DeliveryNew Panel Ready for Delivery

New Panels in situNew Panels in situ